Michael Nebeling is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information, where he directs the Information Interaction Lab. He studies the next generation of user interfaces, as well as the methods and tools to create them. His recent work includes new prototyping tools for AR/VR interfaces, such as ProtoAR for smartphone-based AR scenes with 3D props modeled with Play-Doh and GestureWiz for flexible design and experimentation of gesture-based interactions presented at CHI 2018.

Michael has enjoyed teaching a variety of courses on interaction design principles and techniques at ETH Zurich, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Michigan since 2011. He currently teaches undergraduate and graduate interaction design studios as well as two new AR/VR focused courses, including an introductory course with emphasis on rapid prototyping techniques which formed the basis for this CHI 2019 course.

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